Demonic Dems, CEIC, Salivate over CIA Probe

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Demonic Dems, CEIC, Salivate over CIA Probe

Unread postby VectorSpaceMan » Mon Aug 31, 2009 12:09 am

Blaming America First 101.

Good morning class!

This week the launching of an inside political hit against the CIA against the wishes of it's Democrat Director is going to take rise to the level of a Presidential impeachment.

Here's to Begala, Carville, Davis et al. - you louses. You dirty, rotten traitors.

Between the Demonic Democrat Party (THE PARTY WHO SAYS 'NO' TO LIFE, MARRIAGE AND NATIONAL SECURITY) and the Celebrity and Entertainment Infusion Complex, CEIC, who for 8 long years blamed Bush for everything from attacks of our homeland(O'Donnell), Hurricane Katrina(major news networks), Torture(Dianne Feinstein and her vicious, terminally insane San Francisco Liberals including Sheehan and Pelosi), the Corporate- Democrat Leadership Government Recession (remember Fannie and Freddie, Mr. Frank?) - you can expect quite a number of editorials from our excellent cadre of professional politicians, journalists and entertainers.

It will be like Planet of the Apes, "It's a MADHOUSE!"

Cokie, Andrea, Catie, Campbell and all the rest of THEM will be talking 'Houses of Horrors'.

Thanks to them - the remnants of Hollywood and NY, and the Democrats - they will do their best to take down as many Rebublicans, operatives and agency legal advisors as possible.

They want to be the great protectors of our rights.

Trouble is, they want to extend those rights to enemy combatants caught on the battelefields of war.

Clearly, they are heading towards a major loss in our conservatively controlled Supreme Court. Kennedy will concur with Roberts, Scalia, Thomas and Alito.
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Demonic Dems, CEIC, Salivate over CIA Probe



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