Jack Cafferty's X-Files:Looney Left Looser

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Jack Cafferty's X-Files:Looney Left Looser

Unread postby VectorSpaceMan » Tue Jun 02, 2009 7:00 pm

If anyone questions the Cloned News Network's biases, just listen to this looser.. :snooty:

He is relentless - panting for the adoration and applause of young, diverse, tolerant urban Democrats. :romance-grouphug:

Under the pressures of force-fed diversity at CNN, and bowing to radical feminists - he has outdone Dan Rather Bernie!

He is a "We want to hear from you, the PEOPLE!" kind of guy along with his paid-for toxic-tongue in the polling winds 24/7.

He's the epitome of the far left's Drive By "JOURNALISM".

The guy absolutely hates Cheney, Bush et al. but has found a new friend in Colin Powell. :angry-screaming:

Here's to you, Jack! When Mitt Romney cleans Obama's clock, you can put that suicide vest on -but won't you please come over and take a taste of my 8mm first? :violence-sniperdark:

You, sir, and the Entertainment Infusion Complex are galvanizing, organizing and rallying the GOP base as never before, and for that WE THANK YOU :flags-waveusa:
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Jack Cafferty's X-Files:Looney Left Looser



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