Geraldo Rivera: U.S. of North and South America

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Geraldo Rivera: U.S. of North and South America

Unread postby VectorSpaceMan » Mon May 04, 2009 1:30 pm

I suppose there should be NO border, NO fence, NO visas -yeah, America hates everybody - right Mr. Rivera? :angelic-little:

Why don't you concentrate on trying to make Mexico and Central and South America a better place to live, with all their natural resources? How about a little Law & Order 'down there', pal? :doh:

Be like Oprah Winfrey and start a school 'down there', or, perhaps, MAYBE, you just may be afraid that the Communist Colombians, Communist Cubans, Drug Running Bolivians, or Socialist Venezuelans would shut you down as a threat to their respective, uh, 'States'? :violence-smack:

Or, maybe you really DO like Hugo and Raul SO MUCH that it's, uh, 'colored' your patriotism.. :violence-hammer:

Rivera: Apologist for Illegal Invaders

You, Geraldo, and Sean and Jimmy are all UnAmerican Disloyal Traitors. :romance-grouphug:

If you think we're so bad, why don't you just move down next to the cocoa fields ? :scared-ghostface:

For God's Sake, man, we've got 12 million ilegals (for all of you who actually believe government statistics), not including legals - HOW MANY MORE SHOULD WE TAKE? (Please, use numbers)

I suppose you want Kelloggs' to offer a free Mexican Flag on the back of the Corn Flakes box, right, or they're RACIST TOO?

Get a life, Mi Amigo! Or get a machete to rape and pillage more of the Amazon's Rain Forest :violence-swords: - or, maybe slip on a banana peel :obscene-smokingpimp: on the way to the Fox Newsroom.

Where are YOUR papers - and where is your USA Flag Pin? :flags-waveusa:
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Geraldo Rivera: U.S. of North and South America



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