AXELROD: "Mutate into Something Unhealthy" ?

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AXELROD: "Mutate into Something Unhealthy" ?

Unread postby VectorSpaceMan » Sat May 02, 2009 6:50 pm

Biased AND Arrogant

Dissent, 1st Amendment Rights Under Attack by WH Senior Advisor Axelrod. :character-count:

This dastardly, bloodsucking traitor is trying to thwart legitimate political opinion in the United States. :violence-smack:

Apparently, it's OK for Illegal Invaders to march on our streets with flags from South America - demanding citizenship.

But if those Racist, Anti-Choice, Gun-Toting Homophobes march over TAXES, it's UNHEALTHY.

A CLEAR Line in The Sand has been drawn... :violence-guntoting:

This is unacceptable for an Administration official - he needs to apologize, and the major media is so far out they don't even get it, they keep on giving passes and out 'Get Out of Jail Free' cards to ANYBODY who will trash talk conservatives. Like The Entertainment Infusion Complex.

Working across the isles, on the budget, RIGHT..Bi-Partisanship, RIGHT..Transparency, RIGHT..We've just been insulted over our moral failings of not wanting to pay European Rate Taxes.

Communications from the White House : F :flags-wavegreatbritain:

This AFTER he urged our President to Eliminate Nuclear Weapons the same week Kim Jong Il launched an ICBM over Japan, our strongest Asian Ally and against UN and US recommendation.

How much more of this :character-beavisbutthead: Beavis and Butthead Show are we going to stand for, my Cowardly Comrades.

Destruction of Myth about the WH being in favor of Bi-Partisanship.
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AXELROD: "Mutate into Something Unhealthy" ?



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