AP liberal bias - check this out

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AP liberal bias - check this out

Unread postby mgparrish » Thu Apr 23, 2009 10:19 pm

Very sickening display of AP liberal bias.

From the URL below


There are 2 screen shots below (lsee the links) that I took from the same URL. Initially I saw the Headline

"AP Poll: Americans high on Obama, direction of US"

Being skeptical of that headline I clicked the link. The first screen shot is from the first time I clicked the link. Once you started reading the story it became apparent the headline was dishonest. In the story as you read further it stated

""And yet, the percentage of Americans saying the country is headed in the right direction rose to 48 percent, up from 40 percent in February. Forty-four percent say the nation is on the wrong track."

"The AP-GfK Poll was conducted April 16-20 by GfK Roper Public Affairs and Media. It involved telephone interviews on landline and cell phones with 1,000 adults nationwide. The margin of sampling error is plus or minus 3.1 percentage points."

So my thinking was while the Headline is not technically "false" many would read it that we are all one big happy united family under Obama.

48% to 44% plus the +/- 3.1 sampling error margin is hardly a consensus. A more honest headline would be.

"AP Poll: Americans divided on Obama, direction of US"

In the same original article ..

"_Nearly 80 percent believe that the rising federal debt will hurt future generations, and Obama is getting mixed reviews at best for his handling of the issue."

I had kept the browser open (from the link ap1.jpg below) as I was writing on another website about the dishonesty of the headline and quoting the story, my contention was that the headline was seen by MILLIONS in their browser, but there likely is only a small percentage that would actually read the article and only see the headline. In a web portal like Yahoo the headlines show up but you hve to click to get the story.

After I posted my comments about the bias and un-truth I re-read my posting. I clicked the URL in the website posting that I gave for reference to that headline, and when it came up in a new browser window I noticed it had changed the headline and kinda re-arranged the story. The overall story was basically the same, just the headline was "toned down" a bit it appears. The new headline is still "spin" in my opinion but they took out the blatant Obama love "plug".

The new headline is "AP Poll: After Obama's 100 days, US on right track"

Not sure why this was done, but if notice the in URL's (from the link bar in the browser screen capture) are the same, and by the same authors. Clearly this was a retraction, but it wasn't noted in the second story that it was retracted or updated. Perhaps AP's management saw it and pulled it before the "backlash", or someone else saw it and questioned AP about the blatant deception?

Note that these are screen captures so the full article was longer than the screen capture so some of the text body is truncated. These are not altered photos.

The original headline and story:


The "retracted" story


It would be great if someone in the media with an audience would check this out, this is disgusting, AP needs to be held accountable.
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AP liberal bias - check this out



Re: AP liberal bias - check this out

Unread postby WeaponOfMassInstruction » Sun Apr 26, 2009 1:45 am

Good eye.

That's one of the tricks that the MSM uses to push their agenda.

Another one to look out for is in the breakdown of just who it is that was polled and even when the poll was taken.

The MSM has been known to engage in what is called "oversampling". This means that they poll a disproportionately high number of a particular ideological or political group- almost invariably Democrats or Liberals- so as to deliberately skew the results. Ever wonder how a poll in which only about 20% of Republicans and only 40% of Independents support Obama's agenda results in a headline which trumpets Obama at 70% approval, if not more? Simple- poll far more Democrats than either Republicans or Independents. Democrats support the President at something like a cult-like 90%, so the MSM might poll 50% Democrats, 30% Independents and 20% Republicans in order to arrive at their predetermined goal of showing Obama has the support of an "overwhelming majority" of Americans. You really, REALLY have to do some digging to find this data, as it is clearly in their interest to make it as difficult to find as possible. But if you're contending bias in the poll, it's excellent ammunition.

And yes I did say that WHEN the poll is taken matters. If the poll is taken on a weekday, the poll tends to skew Liberal since a larger percentage of Conservatives are out working during the week. If the poll is taken on a weekend but NOT during church service hours, the poll tends to be reasonably fair and proportional, as there is a much more even chance that you can catch Conservatives at home on the weekend.

For those reasons and others, I pretty much reject all polling data as being suspect because there are just too many ways to tamper with or influence the results.
"Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views."
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Re: AP liberal bias - check this out

Unread postby VectorSpaceMan » Fri May 01, 2009 12:28 am

They have Helen Thomas, what do you expect? :lol:

VectorSpaceMan is in strong agreement with you.

Who still USES the AP? :?:

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Try not to pay too much attention to polls, however, you may end up like Billy Schneider, Senior Code Baiter and wind direction guesser! :D

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Re: AP liberal bias - check this out

Unread postby spikeinin » Thu Aug 06, 2009 10:33 am

And yet, the allotment of Americans adage the country is headed in the appropriate administration rose to 48 percent, up from 40 percent in February. Forty-four percent say the nation is on the amiss track.

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