Challenge to Phil Mushnick

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Challenge to Phil Mushnick

Unread postby ERDUNN » Sun Apr 05, 2009 9:05 pm

Citing a Spike Lee incident from a Oct. 2005 episode of HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” New York Post multi-dimensional columnist Phil Mushnick opens his April 5 TV Week column with, “Funny, how some people are fully held accountable for the preposterous things they say while others can feel secure knowing that there’s nothing so absurd they can say that won’t be indulged, applauded and even rewarded.”

Mushnick goes on to say that Lee nor Maher “have never been held accountable for the incendiary and words they spoke” when Lee stated that the federal governments response to Hurricane Katrina was a racist plot to rid New Orleans of it’s poor black population by blowing up the levees.

I applaud Mr. Mushnick’s integrity in advocating that these bozos, Lee and Maher, be challenged and held accountable for their rhetoric and that they shouldn’t be continued to be rewarded for it.

That said, how is it that the New York Post’s prominent op-ed columnist, Ralph Peters, could write something so outlandish and easily proven as a complete fabrication, and not be challenged on it and continue on as the Post’s #1 columnist?

On May 5, 2008, when gas prices were soaring over $4 per gallon, Peters wrote in his op-ed entitled, “Saudi Stick-up,” that the reason for this phenomenon was because the Saudi royal family was punishing America because President Bush defied their order to not invade Iraq in 2003.

Peters’ statement is in direct contrast to Bob Woodward’s “definitive account” from his Bush at War books. According to Woodward, often referred to as “The Unimpeachable Source,” the Saudi royal family was in full support of President Bush to depose Saddam Hussein by any means necessary; even offering logistical and military support for the invasion.

Despite 50 attempts to bring this controversy to light, to have someone in the media challenge Ralph Peters on his evidence of how he came to this anti-Woodward statement, no one inside Rupert Murdock’s media empire (including Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Glen Beck, not to mention any of the NY Post’s editorial writers and other op-ed columnists) or outside of it has answered the call.

Being that Mushnick clearly believes that a person should be held accountable for their words, is he that person—or will he simply pass the buck like all the others within the News Corporation because it’s okay to challenge someone of a competing ideology, but never of one of their own.

Or does Peters get a "Get out of Jail free" card that Bernard Goldberg gripes that the liberal media so often give to their brethren? And if so, what does this say about the integrity of the New York Post and the News Corporation?
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Challenge to Phil Mushnick



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